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Related post: Date: Thu, 22 May 2008 23:35:06 -0700 From: BT Subject: Quality Time With Nephews #2This is a second chapter to story submitted May 14th and posted on May top bbs boylove 21st.This story is a complete work of fiction. If you are under 18 or adult friend finder hobbs it is illegal for you to read this because of laws in your state, please stop now. Comments are image board bbs always welcome... This is bbs wheels the second chapter of my first story ever. Please send password bbs adult any ru bbs little comments or ideas to as I appreciate all constructive bbs picture boy feedback.As the morning sun began to appear through the window, I was at first disoriented by my surroundings before I realized I was at my sisters to care for her two sons, Todd who is 14 and Josh who is 11. That is when the previous nights events came flooding back. As I felt my nephew Todd stir in the bed next to me I remembered how he had walked into the bbs zeps room the night before as I masturbated to a X-rated video. Instead of ordering him out, bbs kids galleries I had actually sucked his dick and ayleen bbs fucked his virgin ass before we fell asleep in each others arms.I lay there terrified. How would all this play out in the light of day. Would Todd hate elwebbs vombat me? What teenie models bbs if people found out? Yet, in spite of those fears my cock was growing harder every and it didn't help that Todd began to grow more bbs medical electronic ab restless as he woke up, rubbing his slender hip back and forth against my kogal bbs stiffening cock. And even though I knew I should pull away, I found myself gently caressing his smooth body as I ran my hands from his shoulder and down his torso to his hip. 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I knew it would be good but I didn't have any idea how good! Even when you fucked my ass, it only hurt for a minute and than I realized pedo tgp bbs that is what I have always wanted and lola cp bbs I want to do it again.""You do realize that this has to be between us right? I asked. "No one can know what happened. Your parents wouldn't understand and I don't want to hurt your mom".Todd ran his hand down my chest and began to stroke baby rompl bbs my cock bbs illegal nude and lo to bbs teen said, "As long as we can keep index amateur forum bbs doing nice lola bbs it I won't say a word, pedo bbs tiny but I want to do it again" as he stroked my cock harder.Smiling I leaned down and kissed him. Soon our tongues pedo photo bbs jap were darting back and forth between our bbslinks mouths as our hands explored each others bodies. He seemed just as fascinated by my hairy, broad chest as I was by his nearly hairless body. Holding on to him I rolled on to my back, pulling him on top of me. We continued to hold each other tightly as our teen ru bbs kisses became more demanding. Pulling his face away from mine, he said "I want to suck your dick."He than began to kiss slowly down my chest. He gently licked my right nipple and than moved to the left, still stroking my cock which was leaking precum. As he kissed down to my rock hard cock he grabbed hold of the nonude forum bbs asia base and hesitantly touched the head of my cock which was glistening with precum with the tip of his cock. He then moaned and said, "That tastes so good!" He than opened his mouth and took the head into his mouth. child bbs clit As he swirled the tongue around the head of my cock netherlands desnud bbs and began to move his head up and down, slowly taking more of my cock deeper in his mouth I couldn't help but moan in pleasure.I ran my hands through his light red hair and gently began to start pushing his head faster and faster down my cock. The kid was a pro! 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Stroking my chest he asked "When can we do it again?"Laughing I said "Josh will be up soon and we can't have him wondering why you are sleeping in the same bed with me!"Todd replied nude gallery bbs "It is summer vacation and he is teensex 12y bbs never up before 10 a.m. so we still ls magazine bbs links have time." He than kissed me passionately and moved his hand down to my still softening cock and as he rubbed against me I realized that he was hard again! Oh to be 15 again.I moved my hand down to his hard cock and began to stroke it as I told him "Todd, I need some down time dude!Rolling on top of me he continued to rub his entire body up and down mine and said "Well, I don't, so how about we do something where I will do all photos bbs models of the work?" When I asked what he had in mind he replied "I really want to fuck your ass like you did mine last night." 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Sliding off of me and rolling on his back a few minutes later he said "Not bad for an inexperienced virgin, huh?"Looking at the clock and seeing that it was bbs petite porn just now a little before freebbs pre 9 incest bbs dark porn a.m. I said "You know, Josh won't be up for about another hour so how about I show you forbidden hentai bbs how to really enjoy getting your ass fucked?" When Todd just smiled and nodded I kissed him and than flipped him on nude thai bbs his porn cp bbs stomach and told him "Get on your hands and knees." Once he was in the position I began to stroke his hairless free 3d porn bbs ass and than spread the tender cheeks apart and saw his soft pink asshole.As lol rompl bbs teen I put my tongue to his asshole he cute little bbs cried out "Oh my God!!" I began to lick child porn pics bbs his ass and than began forcing my tongue up the tight ass and he cried out "Oh please don't stop Uncle Brad! It feels so fucking good." I kept up this for several moments and didn't pay attention to how his cries were getting louder as it was clear he was having the time of his life.I than reached over for my bottle of lube and with my index finger began to apply some to his ass and than gently inserted a finger. Crying out in complete pleasure as I began to move my finger in and out Todd began to meet those thrusts and when I inserted a second finger he said "Oh man, please fuck my ass, Uncle Brad. I really need for you to fuck my ass bad!"Grabbing ahold of his young bbs babes hips I pulled him to the edge of the bed and rolled him on to his back. I liberally applied more lube to his ass and to my hard cock. Moving between his legs I began to rub the head of my cock between his ass cheeks and told him, "Tell me what you want, bbs cunny Todd." Moaning he said "Please fuck me, Uncle Brad" and as I began beauty teens bbs to push the cock into his ass he cried out "Ohhhhh fuck, man!!"As I buried my cock into the tight ass and bbs tgp thumbs leaned down to kiss him I was surprised to feel him wrap his legs around my waist. When I moved my cock out slowly he cried out "Oh no, no, no!! Leave it in it feels japan photo forum bbs so good". I rewarded his pleas with a sharp thrust back in and he wrapped his legs even tighter and dug his nails into my back. I began to dog bbs fuck thrust in and out of the hungry hole and was surprised the harder I fucked him the more vocal he became.Lost in my own world as was Todd, neither of us heard the bedroom door open. I continued boys bbs forum to fuck my nephew without bbs beastiality mercy and when I felt Todd's cock began to spew his third load of the morning spray between us I felt my balls tighten as I thrust so roughly three more times that super lola free bbs it caused Todd to almost little kidz bbs stories loose his breath boy bbs boards as I filled his tight asshole with cum bbs pictuers and than collapsed on best bbs young beauty top of him. Kissing tenderly we were both stunned to hear a small voice say "Uncle Brad, Todd. What are bbs imageboard links you doing?" Looking up I saw Josh bbs magazine ls standing in the doorway looking at us!!Looks nude angel bbs like bbs top dark vid there is at least another chapter or two to be told in this story. Let me know what you think. Until next time...
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